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Race Organiser, Road Tripper, Soul Master, Helmet Maker and Free Rider, Stephan Risch has given a lot to downhill skateboarding, so we thought it apt to give something back. We are very proud to humbly offer this wheel as a tribute to him.

Stephan asked us for a slightly harder 72mm wheel, ready to slide straight out of the box, capable of railling corners and but with easy predrifts. After some meditation, we came up with a modified version of the Gamma Ray, poured from the same HORROTICA but two duro stops harder, with a bevelled edge, smaller contact patch and ground running surface. Harder wearing than the Gamma Ray, with a perfected slide and drift feeling.

As sublime as the Master himself…


72mm x 54mm

47mm contact patch

Formulated from HORROTICA

10mm Spacer

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