DTC Victory Speed 70mm wheels


The same characteristics of the Victory Grip, but DTC cooled down the grip to give more acceleration. The speed P.U. gives you the polyvalence you need for some race. This wheel is made especially for racing and the most demanding riders! Diameter: 70 mm Durometer: Soft Diameter 70mm Hardheid Soft Core position Off Set Contact Patch 48mm


A multipurpose urethane of a superior quality, each wheel is tested, manually checked, this gum is one major secret of DTC wheels, it gives them glide sharpness and a grip control.

A wheel has a permanent evolution throughout its life, young DTC wheels (less than 6 months) will have an unequalled grip but a faster wear, and also "a heavy and fat" glide. At the end, these performances steer toward competition. At the opposite, a more mature wheel (more than 6 months) does not harden but changes its characteristics, it will have less grip, will give the sensation to be indestructible, so the glide will be "dry and light", more tolerant, it will be perfect for free ride and the old school style.
That's why each wheel is delivered 1 month after molding.

The current market offers wheels with plastic wheel rims for a very little cost and quite flexible, furthermore some of these plastics aren't compatible with urethane, which is causing in certain cases the separation of materials, DTC wheel rims are draft in aluminium with a precision of +0.05mm and built to guarantee a perfect stiffness, which influences directly the way they grip and the "flat wear" of the wheels. It's normal for a DTC wheel to ride over 1000km, bearing our heaviest riders on a wild pace without losing the parallelism (1mm max of cone) of the tread, this speciality of "flat wear" increases the control at high speed. The gum is laying on its entire surface on the ground, firmly held by the wheel rim, which eliminates the sensation of wavering due to the soft point of a traditional wheel.

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