Lush Deluxe Race Gloves

Sold out.

Thicker, removable 15mm Palm puck, machined from Delrin.

Super strong Coats thread throughout the construction... these guys hae been making thread since 1755, they know what's up...

Velcro - from Velcro!! We're using the real stuff to ensure that your pucks stay on.

Kevlar finger and thumb patches, now with extra stiching to avoid delmaination.

Silica/amara wrist protection. We found this to be a weak point in the original Race Glove, so we've beefed it up.

The gloves still feature:

Highest quality leather contruction

Stretch panel on the back for a tight, comfortable fit

Kevlar knuckle armour

...and the bit you can't see but only feel... ten years of input from racers and sliders from all over the world.

These gloves are the best we can make, and we've been doing this for a long time now.

They are trusted by World Class Racers the world over.

If you want the best Slide Glove available - look no further.


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