Rayne Wheels Square Lipped - 66, 70, 75mm

Rayne Wheels - 66mm 80a Square Lipped

The Rayne freeride wheel got us started while we developed our first Uerthane. We've now taken that slide formula 'thane and poured it into three stock shapes to begin refining our line-up of Square Lipped wheels for downhill performance. 

When we developed the freeride wheel, we had never made a wheel before, so we kept it secret and only openned up to a small, closed group. Now that we have the hang of it and we're stoked on our first wheel, we want to involve the skate community more broadly. These are prototype wheels but, they come in a tried and tested urethane formula and timeless wheel shapes. These wheels are currently being raced around the world by some of Rayne's top riders, including Rayne engineer and 2011 IGSA World CUP 12th place finisher, Graham Buksa.

Want to learn more about our community development? Want to get involved? Check out you wheel development opportunities here and get stoked!

Diameter - 66mm
Durometer - 80a
Contact Patch - 

Square Lip - More lip so you can grip.
Factory Finish - Leave 'em shinny and hold on tight or break 'em in and drift all day.

Grip-set - Offset 3-star core reduces bulk for more grip and faster roll speed without giving up controlled drift.

Slide Thane - Smash out buttery, controlled slides at any angle without fear of flatspots. 


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